“What emptiness do you gaze upon!
Do you not feel a thrill passing through the air
with notes of the far away song
floating from the other shore”?


‘I am YOU’

Dancing from the atoms to the stars
I & You
waltz in the cosmic intertwining –
Venus dripping, fresh from the sea of our Love;
in this way the cosmos knows itself through us –
the secret of perpetual love
from our exquisite sensuality.
…And, the galaxies and spheres
are witnesses and alibis, blushing –
lowering their eyes
in our secret melody of our night –
lighting frozen fires;
I & You
in an endless embrace and contraction.
…And, the celestial spectators seated in the theater –
dropping dewdrops on our inflamed passionate bodies –
I & You
infuse finishing touches to creation
With finite words an infinite meaning –
words in an ear;
only it reveals –
I am You
You are Me —
We are: Love.